Pre-Order Information:

  • Pay a deposit now to secure your purchase and be placed in line for the for the product you are pre-ordering.
  • We will send a final e-mail notice for your pre-ordered product once it is ready for delivery. (Please add us to your contact list to ensure that you receive our email.)
    • Final e-mail will be sent to you with link for final payment.  Please double check shipping address and the phone number so the shipping company can reach you.
    • Please note the projected product shipment availability to see when your product will ship from our warehouse.
  • Pre-order payment will go towards your purchase of your product.
    • Final e-mail will take into account your pre-order payment
    • See below for more information
  • Finalized Payment = Pre-Order Payment + Remaining Total of the Product + Shipping
    • Shipping Ranges:
    • $255-400 in the continental United States
    • $500-600 for Canada
    • $650 for Alaska and Hawaii
    • $500 for D.C.
  • Shipments will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
  • Changing the products finish, tote color, or your decision to add/remove the crown after purchasing may cause delays in shipping your product.  

Please Note

  • If we cannot get a hold of you after trying email, phone, and all other points of contact after 1 year, your deposit will be non-refundable.

Adding Accessories

  • If you are interested in adding accessories, make a new order and include the order number of your product with a request for them to be shipped together.


  • If you have any questions that haven't been answered please call customer service at (801)226-2686, email, or talk to us on Facebook or Chat in the icon on the home page.