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The five most common barriers to creativity
, Ashley Puriri

Creating is a source of joy and fulfillment. Most of us can agree. When we asked our community to tell us why they create, we received hundreds of responses; “It is my time to recharge.” “It helps with depression.” “I feel so much joy when I make things for others." Read more responses. 

The benefits are clear. But often, our actions don’t align with our values. Things get in the way. Here are the most common barriers to creativity that we hear - 

  • I don’t have time. I work and have kids to care for.
  • I lack creative inspiration, or am judgmental of my creations.
  • I lack a proper workspace.
  • I can never find my supplies.
  • I don’t have the skills to create what I envision in my head.

Identifying barriers

A barrier is anything that restricts access. There are two main reasons why our barriers are difficult to remove. First, removing barriers is work. It is human nature to choose the path of least resistance. Often, unconsciously, we flow like water down the easiest route. Second, when we become conscious of the barrier and commit to doing the work, the solution is sometimes difficult to find. This is even more work! We earnestly want to remove it, but can’t figure out how. 

Write down your barriers. The ones you are conscious of will come quite quickly. For example, it may be obvious and easy to declare that you don’t have time. But, what barriers are lurking undetected? Perhaps you’ve unconsciously avoided crafting because gathering up your supplies is too much work. Perhaps you are committing some of your limited time to things that aren’t deeply fulfilling. Let’s go deep here. 

Reading some of the barriers reported by our community might help get you thinking. Join the ScrapBox Family Facebook Group to be part of these conversations. 

Get clear on your conscious and unconscious barriers to creativity. In Step 3 we will make a plan to remove them.