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Katie of Just Add Sunshine
, Ashley Puriri

Meet Katie

Katie is a sunny, positive person who surrounds herself with uplifting messages and bright colors. She feels most alive when making things with her hands. In fact, she's made it a practice to spend time creating every single day because it helps her feel more "like herself."

Her passion for positivity and love of creating led her to start selling handmade signs. She quickly discovered that her messages resonate with many others. Now she runs a successful at-home Etsy shop called Just Add Sunshine, filled with colorful signs and happy stickers.  

Katie adds her own unique touch to everything she creates. Her pieces are instantly recognizable by the distinct palette and design.   

Visual Inspiration   

As we know, Katie likes to surround herself with happiness and positivity. The DreamBox has enabled her to create a visually inspiring workspace, with her tools and materials on display. This fuels her in the creative process and makes her feel right at home while she works.


Aside from "colorful sign painter" and "happy sticker maker", Katie also wears the title of "mom". She did not want her business to take away from time with her kids, so it was important that her creative space be multifunctional.
The DreamBox has helped her create the perfect environment for the whole family, where she can be present and productive all at once. Sometimes they even join in! 
If you enjoyed getting to know Katie and seeing her creative space, be sure to let us know in the comments! Shop the DreamBox HERE