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Double buying—it's not your fault!
, Ashley Puriri

While walking into the craft store, you make a mental list. Brown cardstock, orange felt squares and popsicle sticks—three supplies needed to make your favorite fall centerpieces. You’re almost positive you have the first two at home… somewhere. Is the cardstock in the office desk? Or perhaps the totes under the bed? As for the felt, your best guess is the hall closet in that blue rubber tote... but it’s better safe than sorry, so you go ahead and purchase all three.

Does this sound familiar? Double buying craft supplies is common. We all do it. Here’s why.  

The culprit

We have to store stuff. Drawers, closets, and storage bins are all wonderful inventions designed to contain our possessions and keep our homes tidy. But it’s true what they say: Out of sight, out of mind. With supplies hidden in various places throughout the house, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. So what’s the solution here?  

We're not the only ones thinking this way 

Items in plain sight are less likely to be forgotten. But we’re not suggesting that you abandon all order. The compromise is what we call organization in view. You may have noticed home organization trends moving towards this philosophy.  

Last year Pinterest saw a rise of 126% in the search term ‘open closet’. This trend started as a hack for small space dwellers, but has been adopted by even those with ample storage space. It offers a tasteful way to store clothing in an open space, but requires careful curation and often begins with a big purge. While not for everyone, the advantages are clear. With one quick scan you can assess your entire wardrobe, even considering the gems that would otherwise be hidden in the deep dark corners of your closet. Nothing is forgotten.   

The solution for crafters   

The ‘open closet’ approach works for crafters too! We know what you’re thinking; is it really possible to have all my supplies visible, accessible, and organized? 

The DreamBox was designed to do just that—with clear totes, open shelving and an innovative tri-fold system that keeps it all right in front of you. Not only will it prevent you from double buying, but your supplies can actually become a source of visual inspiration when they are beautifully displayed. What's more, it can all be closed away whenever you like.  

Start planning your inspiration space today! And don't be surprised if you start crafting twice as much. It happens. 

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2 thoughts on “Double buying—it's not your fault!

  1. avatar Arlene says:

    I literally shopped and thought I don’t want to run out of my favorite glue and last time the store was out of it, so I better stock up. After getting my Dream Box, I found I had 5 bottles of the stuff hidden in my fabric cubbie boxes along with tons of other adhesives.

    I have labeled each tote in my Dream Box too. Now, while I’m wondering “where did I put that”, I can actually FIND that.

  2. avatar Carol Coleman says:

    Definitely true! Those craft store bags are cute but they hide what is inside. Sorted my stuff in to clear storage bins so I corralled all the same stuff in one place. Found the key is to put away items as soon as they get home.

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